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Re: Trouble Registering the sample code Benjamin [API Guru] Wed Jul 08 13:30:39 2009

I think Google Desktop might register some DLLs and objects which
expose functionality. Since Google Desktop is not written for 64bit,
these are registered in the 32bit layer of Windows and not accessible
if your script runs through the 64bit Windows Script Host. So my best
guess is that this is indeed an issue with the 64bit operating system.
Until Google Desktop fully supports it there is nothing you can do.

To check which object failed exactly, try attaching a debugger and
stepping through the script.

Best regards,

On Jul 6, 2:13 am, Mr Adams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Here's the error in complete: MS (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7
> C (C) MC.  All Rights Reserved.
> Couldn't register the script samples
> -2146827859
> Automation server couldn't create object
> Phil
> On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Benjamin [API Guru] <
> > What is the exact error message you see? You can use Ctrl+C to copy
> > the entire dialog you see and post it here.
> > Thanks, Benjamin
> > On Jul 4, 2:28 am, Mr Adams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Running cscript register_script_sample.js, I receive error stating
> > > couldn't register.  I troubled shooted everything I could think of,
> > > including modifying the read/write to read boolean.  I'm running a
> > > Vista 64 bit machine.  I force installed Google desktop.  I'm thinking
> > > this is what caused the problem, but don't want to rule out something
> > > else.  Any ideas?
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