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[Google-Gadgets-API] How to safely save data remotely? James McBryan Thu Jul 30 11:01:55 2009

Hey all,

I am writing a gadget which will involves the user adding lots of
data.  Unfortunately, as you know, Google limits their userprefs to
2KB.  I am looking to store the data remotely and am considering using
Google App Engine to do so.  I imagine the flow would be as follows:

1) Gadget calls App Engine with a RPC
2) App Engine returns the desired data
3) Gadget handles the returned data in a callback

However, I run into a security problem.. I want to protect the users
data but I also don't want to require the user to sign in via App
Engine to save the data.  Is there any way for app engine to know that
you are who you say you are based on your cookie from iGoogle?

Are there any other secure and seamless alternatives to storing data
with some other google API?

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