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Re: To download a file while working on SAP GUI Scripting. Mital Tue Feb 21 09:00:34 2012


We faced the same thing in our previous projects but were not able to
do so. What we did was switched back to the olden days without Load
runner by manually smiulating users (!!!). We were able to do so as
the user count was just 10. So still waiting for the proper solution.

On Feb 21, 1:14 am, saee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi,
> I am using SAP GUI protocol for recording a SAP related application.
> While recording I come to a point where I have to browse the file from
> a "Window" where path has to be selected, but the Script when replayed
> does not move ahead after opening the window.
> I am new to SAP GUI scripting.Is there any other way I can proceed
> with.
> Thanks,
> Saee

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