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Re: ~*~Lost-ABC~*~ Michael , Walt, Danielle and Alex Jaye Mon Mar 26 18:02:36 2007

On Mar 24, 2007, at 7:58 AM, jennifer wrote:

> n but we don't know
> if Michael went for help or not, that's still unanswered or did he
> really get off the island? I would do anything to protect my child,
> ANYTHING so in that respect the writers wrote it as TRUE TO LIFE as
> they could.
okay, here's my opinion. Michael had one main goal. get Walt off the  
island. IF he was able to send help back, great. but at that point,  
help was second.

> I also FIRMLY believe that Alex is Danielle's child but we still don't
> know that much about Danielle yet, could she possibly know Ben?

what we do know is that, before Sayid,  she was xenophobic to a  
murderous degree. She spoke of avoiding anyone else on the island.  
And she told the story that Alex's father was a fellow scientist  
named Robert, who she claims to have killed because he had contracted  
some illness along with the rest of their crew.

so based on this and the story that they told Alex her mother was  
dead, the currently appropriate conclusion is that someone from said  
group, maybe Ben, maybe Tom, maybe someone else, took the baby and  
Ben 'adopted' her, telling her that he is her father and that her  
mother was dead. why? so that they could mold her to be the perfect  
Dharma resident. but it would seem that she is her mother's daughter  
even without ever knowing her.