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[Lost_ABCTV] Re: Age and "The Others" badsppelller Mon Oct 27 01:11:54 2008

It's the first thing I thought when *I* saw her, and apparently the 
first thing many others thought (many pictures/theories popped up 
immediately afterward).

But I think it was just one of those things to drive us crazy.  Like 
the two Emilies.  ("Twin Peaks" used the dublicate name thing as well-
-the killer Bob hung out with someone named Mike.  But there were 
also two teens that were suspects in the murder, Bobby Briggs and 
Mike Nelson.  As investigator Dale Cooper put it when the Sheriff 
confused the two pairs, "This was a different Mike and a different 

I'm still thinking there might be something to the fact that both 
mothers were named Emily...or maybe the writers just thought it was 
funny that de Ravin's first name (as the island's first seen mother) 
popped up a few times as story mothers.  Who knows?

But I do think each Emily was a different Emily.


> > I thought they used that woman to make people speculate that she 
> > Amelia Earhart (sp?).
> > 
> > Chad
> > 
> > Linda writes:
> > You are messing with me, aren't you?????
> > Linda
> > 
> > 
> There WERE discussions, a year or so ago, that AE may be on the 
> Peace,
> Bobbie
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