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[Lost_ABCTV] question Jo Sun Jan 31 13:01:11 2010

Who first told Locke he was to be the leader of the Others? Counting
from within Locke's own timeline? Did it initially come from dead/fake
Locke? Trying to figure out if there's a loop going on here.. 

I'm fuzzy on details, since I've just been watching S5 and have
forgotten the chronology of the earlier seasons.. we know Locke himself
(the real Locke) told Richard in the 50s. Richard then asks JAck's
opinion in 77 as they're taking the bomb apart (after he has visited him
a couple times and not been impressed). And of course newly alive Fake
Locke asserts himself as leader in 2007, but the original Locke was
already known as leader (in 2004) before Ben moved the island.. Was it
Richard who told Locke in the first place (in our 'present' 2004??), and
was that because of what Locke had told him in the 50s? Was it because
of Locke's experience in the cabin with Ben and "Jacob?" I've lost track..

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