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Re: [Lost_ABCTV] Re: unanswered questions amaranth56 Mon May 31 21:00:51 2010

Faye wrote:
>> the only form of mind control I recall MIB using is  manipulation:
>> cutting straight through to their emotions (fear,  guilt, grief) by
>> turning himself into a vision.

> Yep. his  tactic was very possibly something like convincing her 
> that she's not fit to raise the baby. or to play on the  whole 
> fear and say that the vaccine isn't enough and  he'll take her to the  
> rest of the medicine the baby needs or some  such. Play off that fear  
> etc. Maybe he even told her that he'd  take the baby back to the 
> camp while she waited and then once just out of site, left  him on 
> the ground not really caring if Aaron lived or died because  he might 
> be the Littleton on the cave wall.
Sounds good, especially because Claire said that was why she 
didn't want to go on the Ajira plane:  It seemed that she was 
coming out of the 'infection' or whatever else was going on inside 
her, and was thinking of actually coming home to be Aaron's mother.
On the other hand, how was Christian's presence on the Island 
explained to her?  As best as I recall, she didn't know he had 
died, and so didn't know that his body was on the plane.  Surely 
she knew that Christian himself wasn't on the plane -- that would 
be too strange.  As a very pregnant woman, she'd have been 
running to the bathroom a lot, and surely she would've seen him. 
And if she realized that it was not Christian, she would've run 
like hell, and taken Aaron with her.
But the infection, yes, if she was 'claimed' by it in the explosion. 
Sayid actually died in the pool, but maybe that's not necessary.
I'll think about it some more.  There ARE clues throughout  Lost. 
Now at least we can be more specific about our questions, and 
maybe fit together more pieces of the puzzle.

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