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[Lost_ABCTV] Binds the Universe Together... Chad Smith Thu Feb 02 11:18:52 2012

What would happen if you crowd-sourced a recreation of Star Wars (Episode IV) 
in 15 second increments? Asking the public at large to shoot their own version 
of 15 seconds here, 15 seconds there, and then stitched them all together?

This is what youtube was created for, and one of the few times watching a vid 
on my computer equalled that feeling you get being part of an audience on 
opening night when everyone wants the movie to be good, and it is good.

But what makes this good isn't the movie, but the fact that everyone KNOWS Star 
Wars...and in some sense, knows each other because we all know the 
movie--filmmakers and audience alike.


(It had 700+ views on Friday. 500,000+ views on Saturday. Nearly 800,000 views 
Sunday morning. And as far as I can tell, you have to watch all 2 hours of it 
for it to count as a view. Wow. Just...wow...)

Also, spread this thing around. It deserves it.