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Re: [Lost_ABCTV] OT: Has anyone watched Alcatraz? ozbobz-cats. Fri Feb 03 00:01:54 2012

I really liked it!  I didn’t like all the violence in it, though.  Will 
keep watching.  Was really eerie, when they brought in the lost-type music
cues.  This show is going to be the most Lost-like show they have come up
with.  Just hope it doesn’t have a Lost-type ending, LOL!
Spoiler space
Wonder what the numbers were, that the second bad guy said, right before
he shot someone.  (I’m sorry;  not good at remembering names).
I really liked the first prisoner that came back.  Think he was just a victim
of circumstances.  Maybe they will eventually let him out.


From: jennilesart 
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 2:56 PM
Subject: [Lost_ABCTV] OT: Has anyone watched Alcatraz?

What did you think? I didn't see it. 

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