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Re: [Lost_ABCTV] Re: OT: Has anyone watched Alcatraz? Char Fri Feb 03 00:02:17 2012

 From: Chad Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>       I also get the impression 
that there are BIG parts of the premise to the story that have barely 
been hinted at thus far. That intrigues me is that, at this point, you 
can't really be sure WHAT this story is exactly. Exploring what it is 
sounds like it could be fun. That's a little like "Lost", but if feels 
like this story could be quite different.

Liked the pilot, it kept my interest even after I got used to Hurley 
not being Hurley.   :-))  And yes, the music style is good to hear 
again.  Unfortunately I work on Monday nights so won't get to watch it 
often.  Will have to find if it's anywhere on line to keep up.

What I'm really enjoying is hearing from y'all again, reading the 
comments, thoughts, views.  I've missed y'all.  :-))  I know it's the 
Lost list but 'twould be nice to keep the conversation here.

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