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Re: [Lost_ABCTV] OT Alcatraz turtletrackz Fri Feb 03 04:02:03 2012

Last night made me wonder if Emerson (Neill) is now in on it - using the task 
force to help him round the 63's up so he can re-contain them.  He's competing 
with someone else for whatever the puzzle is. He was pleased with Jack's 
capture + obtaining the key. Round "won".  He was pissed they didn't find  
Cabbot before he shot Julie (?). So that round "lost".  He killed last night's 
guy more to silence him, not to save the boy.  He has tried to get rid of Doc 
because he knows too much.  He needs Rebecca for a reason we don't know yet.  
He seems to be working with the doctors (Julie + Beau???) who have come back so 
they seem to be in on it.

I'm not sure he's good or bad yet!

Beth in Boston
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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 02:53:59 
Subject: [Lost_ABCTV] OT Alcatraz

Spent tonight catching up on shows. Watched the first three
hours of Alcatraz and I definitely like it. It was good to see Jorge
and I like him as "Doc." While there's a wee bit of Hurley there,
I like the difference in his character. 

I think the story is unfolding interestingly. I was kind of shocked
when Neil's character beat up Jack (what an easy name to 
remember <g> ) was taken to what might be called Alcatraz2. 

One thing I was looking for in each of the storylines is how the
criminal was associated with what might be the "big picture." 
With the first guy it was easy - there was the mystery key. 
With the second guy it could have been to eliminate July (that
is here name - it's a bit late and I watched way to much tv
tonight.) LOL The third guy seems to have been an excuse
to reveal Doc's personal history and show us that the Doc
from Alcatraz is still there. 

The show will definately be on my auto record and I'll look
forward to seeing each new hint about what's going on. 


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