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Re: [Lost_ABCTV] Facebook Fandom? Jo Mon Mar 19 01:00:27 2012

Long long ago (or possibly at 12:06 AM on Mon, Mar 19, 2012), in a galaxy far 
far away, Pauline bespoketh thus:

>I've never quite seen the point
>of Facebook, so I've never joined.

the point of facebook is to spy on your teenagers. ;-)

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ZHAAN:  Rygel, did you see anyone? 
RYGEL:  No.  No one.  One moment, I was-I was-- 
CRICHTON (Interrupting):  Yeah, relieving yourself.  And the next? 
RYGEL:  And the next -- bomb!  I suffered many assassination attempts on 
Hyneria, but-- 
AERYN:  Nobody knows you here.  It's only the people who know you who want to 
kill you.