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Re: [ManualMinoltaFree] Rokkor Collection Wayne Naughton Mon Jan 26 03:05:01 2009

and a sony/minolta A900
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  Subject: Re: [ManualMinoltaFree] Rokkor Collection

  Rick Jack
  To equal film resolution with digital you need 24MP and upwards, currently 
there's only 2, a Nikon and the Mamiya ZD.

  From: Rick Jack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Sent: Saturday, 24 January, 2009 12:23:33
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          I owned the 17mm f4. It was not sharp at the corners or edges, I had 
to crop it so much I wound up with the same coverage I was getting my 20mm 
          IMO I'm against using aftermarket lenses on any brand camera, if you 
go that far then why not use another brand body? Images from a DSLR will 
surpass any film lens these days.

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          Date: Saturday, January 24, 2009, 1:18 AM

          Peter Serbe kirjoitti 22.01.2009 kello 23:57:
          > Dan Moore wrote:
          > > My collection:
          > > 
          > > 16mm md fisheye
          > > 24mm md f/2.8
          > > 28mm md rokkor-x f/2.8
          > > 36mm md rokkor-x f/2.8
          > > 50mm md f/2
          > > 135mm md rokkor-x f/3.5
          > > 
          > > 35-70mm md f/3.5
          > > Tokina rmc md 100-300mm f/5.6
          > This is a pretty useful set. The "gap" in the short tele range had 
          > pointed out. If You could live with a slightly greenish color tint 
          > very good Tokina AT-X 2.5/90 Macro might also fill the gap. 
Otherwise I 
          > would vouch for the 2.5/100 Rokkor.

          I would suggest a more easily found alternative: The Tamron SP 90/2.5 
macro. It also needs an 1B (Strong skylight) filter.

          If you are hooked in wideangles, I would add the rectilinear 17/4 - 
despite of Peters view, which might be considered a bit "narrow" ;-). It would 
widen dramatically your view from 24, much more than 20 or 21mm, but without 
the fisheye effect. I took some marvellous pics with it. I bought it only 
little before moving from film to digital, so now it mostly stays in my 


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