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RE: [ManualMinoltaFree] Minolta Collector Michael Stewart Wed Oct 20 02:00:17 2010

I'm afraid I use 'em. Got an X-600 or an XDs?

- Michael


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I'm kind of curious, as a camera collector if there are other collectors
here in this group. Although I have more than one brand of camera in my
collection, most of them are Minoltas. I have all but 2 models of the SRT
Series, and I'm only missing 3 from the X Series. I have XDs, XEs, XGs, and
even have a Maxxum 7000. My oldest Minolta is a Minolta A Rangefinder. I
lost count at 120 Minoltas. My wife even has a Freedom II that she's been
using for years with the telephoto and wide angle adapters. I'm currently
restoring a Minolta XD-11. I'm the Owner of the Camera Collector Forum.

Randy Earle