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[MilVinMoto] Re: moto-movie follow up garagemaholic Fri Feb 03 13:16:55 2012

Big Bob of ChiVin wrote to me and brought up a good point regarding
the Thursday night thing.  Some people can't do a late night on a
weeknight.  I've kept it on Thursday because I figured people would be
more likely to have other plans on Fri. or Sat.  Your thoughts?

On Jan 31, 2:34 pm, garagemaholic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who came out to the movie night last week.
> I'm hoping that you'll take a minute to share your thoughts on the
> event, whether you were there or not.  What did you like and what
> didn't you like?  If you weren't there, was there something about the
> event that kept you away?  Attendance was down this year and at some
> point I'll have to make the decision on whether to do it again in the
> future.  I'd like your frank comments to help me in that process.
> For those of you who were there, I hope you got a chance to take a
> look at the Triumph Cub-powered land speed record holder that we had
> on display.  I'm so impressed with the effort and follow-through that
> went into building that bike and then hauling it out to the salt flats
> during the speed trials and setting an official record.  Thanks again
> to Dennis Weinhold for bringing it down and to his buddies, Dave and
> Al.
> Thanks again everyone,
> Kevin Knuth

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