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[MMIT Accelerated Manifesting! Skk444 Fri Feb 26 22:00:11 2010

Abundant  Living Legacy ~ 
Accelerated Manifesting  Teleclass 

Weekly  Educational Teleclass 
Sunday,  February 28

6:00  PM PST
7:00  PM MST
8:00  PM CST
9:00  PM EST
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"Manifest  MORE Of What You REALLY Want Faster!" 

A  7 Step straightforward  process for  bringing your dreams, visions and 
goals to ground in  physical reality.

Many  of you are stressed. You've been sharing that  you: 

    *   Get  caught up in the "how", and don't see what's possible   
    *   Stop  dreaming  
    *   Make  a plan, but don't follow through  
    *   Procrastinate  (and feel the anxiety of putting things off)   
    *   Are  afraid to dream big   
    *   Don't  know where to start   
    *   Feel  stuck and don't take action  
    *   Have  too many ideas  
    *   Are  overwhelmed with inspiration   
    *   Don't  know how to ground your spirituality into the  practical   
And  the BIGGEST challenge I hear over and over  is....... fear and doubt 
get in your  way.

I  really want you to understand that it doesn't have to be  so hard!

Beyond  that, I want to help you put things in place that will  make 
success unavoidable in your life.  

In  this telemseminar, Kendra will introduce you some of the  Accelerated 
Manifesting fundamentals, including:

·          Awakening  Your Vision 
·          Dealing  With Fear & Doubt 
·          Understanding  & Integrating Law of Attraction for Ease In  
ManifestingJoin  Expert and Abundant Living Legacy member, _Kendra  Thornbury_ 
(http://www.spiritalive.net)   as she shares  her secrets to Accelerated 
Get  clear, align, and take action in  a way that naturally brings what you 
want TO  YOU!

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Abundant  Living Legacy | Suzanne & Fred Kincaid | 2329 S. 376th Place |  
Federal Way | WA | 98003


Shine Your  Light ~ Create Miracles & Magic!

Suzanne Kincaid

Author _Financial Freedom On $1 A Day_ 
Audio _http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/Wt21h0ZQ_ 
Website:   _http://www.investworks.net_ (http://www.investworks.net/)  

As more  and more people begin to experience joyful, peaceful, abundant 
living, the  barrier between countries, cultures and religious philosophies 
will simply melt  away.  ~ Bijan, Effortless Prosperity 

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