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[Minolta] Re: Selling and buying: Thoughts about economics and community CTGardener Thu May 31 18:03:36 2007

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "sybersitizen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> No response on this yet? I would think that if the buyer was even 
> occasional participant in discussions here, he or she would be 
> to speak up. 

Heh ... well, I was just TOO late !  I would have snatched the kit 
up in an instant, parceled off what I didn't want (at "share the 
wealth" prices, not "gouge for profit" prices) and been thrilled 
with the great deal on what I kept.  

I'd suggest watching eBay for this gear from a single seller.  
Though I wouldn't be surprised to see someone keep most of it, 

I'm with Clemmie on the community aspect of selling ... I sold a few 
things on dyxum.com for fair prices, but when I sold my 200/4 macro 
for money (I was ONLY selling it because I knew I there was a great 
market for it) I went straight to eBay.  (Actually, I posted to 
dyxum to see if there was anyone who wanted to make an offer for a 
couple/few hundred less than what I anticipated getting on eBay, but 
no takers :)  So anyway, at first, I took offense at people 
asking "market" prices for used gear on the forums, but then just 
learned to accept that money is important to people and a loose 
online "community" of acquaintances only goes so far.  

- Dennis (a former regular who migrated most of his forum time to 
dpreview and then to dyxum.com)