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Re: [Minolta] Re: 5400hs repair Magnus Wedberg Mon May 19 00:04:54 2008

> I'm 98% sure without looking it up that this bunch is interchangeable but
> 3600 and 5600 models are different.

The 5600 and 5400 foot, the actual foot, is the same. The foot UNIT (the 
one you remove with four screws from the main flash body) is different, 
but the smallest plastic part that is the "foot rail" on the flash is 
the exact same. I know that because I compared them side by side when 
wasting the 5600 a few years ago. I finally ordered a replacement, but I 
didn't get that part, I got the much larger "foot unit part".

Magnus Wedberg
mw AT 9000.org
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