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RE: [Minolta] (unknown) Wesley Furr Tue Apr 03 05:01:34 2012

This sort of thing seems to be becoming the plague of Yahoo Groups...  From
what I've seen, I honestly think it is a spammer that is managing to get
ahold of people's email addresses and somehow those associated with them,
and then spoofing their email address and sending out this junk.  In every
case where I've seen follow-up, folks indicate they have checked out their
computer and all is well.  Unfortunately, it is easy to send out an email to
look like it comes from someone else...and in the case of Yahoo Groups, if
it looks like it is coming from that person, it goes through to the group if
they aren't moderated.  Only solution I've found is to moderate them for a
month or so until it stops happening...  Only way to completely prevent it
is to moderate every single message from everyone, and that's not really a
reasonable solution...


-----Original Message-----

Thanks for picking this up.  He has been put on moderation pending a clean
sweep.  This is not a new member attempting to immediately spam/trojan your
computer.  It is an older member who apparently got infected in another way
and it is being passed along.

Tony Cooper