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[Nikon-D80] Re: D80 Battery jerry1stone Tue Feb 27 06:14:07 2007

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Gary Oddi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After I bought my D80, I purchased a second battery through
> Amazon.com. The description said it was a Nikon EN-EL3a for the D200.
> But it is my understand that the D80 and the D200 use the same battery.
> However, the back of the new battery looks a little different from the
> original battery that came with the D80. Looking at the text, so it is
> going left to right, the serial number on the original battery is
> imprinted horizontally in the middle of the battery. The new battery
> has the serial number in the lower left hand corner in a vertical box.
> Also, the text boxes in English for the original battery has
> "Warning...", while the new battery has "Caution...".
> Everything else seems authentic. When I talked to Nikon, he seemed to
> scratch his head and said it is probably just made for a different
> market. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the
>    Thanks... Gary
The EN-EL3e is the battery for both the D80 and the D200. Just
curious, why are you concerned about what the back of the battery
looks like? I am pretty confident that having either "warning" or
"caution" on the back of the battery does not make the battery work
any better. The most logical explanation for why the batteries look
different is that they were different lots from the same manufacturer
or that they were made by different manufacturers.