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[Nikon-D80] Re: Possibly Upgrading to D7000. Any Advice? Zembas Wed Feb 01 01:04:15 2012

Hi David,
I upgraded last year.  I like the D7000 but there is a big learning curve.  It 
is not as easy (to me) as the D80 to just switch on auto and go.  The high ISO 
capabilities ROCK.

You may want to join the group Nikon DSLR ... lots of D7000 (as well as higher 
and lower model) owners.  Once you join, you can do a search for D7000 and find 
lots answers to the question you just asked.

Margot in KS

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "David" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've had my D80 for about three years now and feel I'm outgrowing it.  I like 
> the reviews I've read on the D7000 and the specs are considerably better, 
> plus it offers movie making (something I never thought would appeal to me).  
> But the Thailand factories where they are manufactured are flooded and Nikon 
> won't provide a date when they expect the D7000s to start shipping again.
> Does anyone have any thoughts on the merits of the D7000 over the D80?  I'm 
> not prepared to pay more than $1300 for a body.  Thanks.