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Re: [Nikon D100 D200] Re: D200 Upgrade (was chromatic abberation (sp?) 18-200vr lens) Helge Nareid Fri Apr 20 00:02:47 2007

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007 20:49:23 -0000, SharonD wrote:

>> Quite a few people got screwed up on this with the D70, and at that 
>> time the D70 forum made sad but interesting reading ...
>My daughter has a D70 and has never done the upgrade. I've encouraged 
>her to to do that. It makes a lot of difference, but the statement 
>above is why I've been reluctant to help her. Good idea about the 
>separate cards.

Hmmm - I've upgraded the firmware on my D70 (twice), my D200 and my
D80. The procedure is similar in each case - copy the A upgrade to a
memory card - go through the upgrade menu on the camera and
subsequently repeat the process with the B upgrade, taking care only
to do one upgrade at a time and with only the one upgrade on the card
being used at the time. Using two memory cards sounds like a good

The entire process is very clearly described in the relevant webpages
on the Nikon support website.

Ok - I know myself to be a technology geek, but the process should be
very straightforward for anyone able to read and follow an instruction
- Helge Nareid
  Nordmann i utlendighet, Aberdeen, Scotland
  Website: http://www.nareid-web.me.uk/