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[Nikon D100 D200] Re: Seeking Advice on Sports Shooting (Baseball) Micky Corrow Tue Jun 05 18:00:33 2007

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "William R. Tallman" 
> Hello Everyone, I'm seeking advice on ANY technique(s) for shooting 
> sports photography in general, but baseball in particular???
William - Given those pretty heavy limitations (slow glass, no PP) 
you will need to focus on your position on the field.
My favorite is behind 1st base, so I can capture the steal into 2nd 
base. It is also a prime spot for closeups of the pitcher, catcher 
and batter. With the 18-200, you may also find it a good spot for the 
throw to 1st from the pitcher trying to hold the runner.
Another good spot is exactly opposite, on the 3rd base side. You will 
probably be kept off the field of play, and a 200mm may not be enough 
(depending on how large the field is...) for plays on the far side of 
the field from you.
As I said, you will need to concentrate on position because of your 
lens limitation. Personally I would use a 70-200 with a 1.7 or 2X 
converter, a 400 2.8 or a 200-400 f4. My favorite for facial closeups 
is the 200mm f2 wide open. Get as close as possible to whatever you 
choose to shoot.
Use the highest ISO you are comfortable with and get as close as 
possible so cropping is held to a minimum. If you nail the exposure, 
the ISO nose will be minimal. I routinely use ISO 1600 with no 
problems, if I crop close I will tend to PP with Noise Ninja. 
Sometimes I dial in +.7 of EC (depending on conditions... i.e. cloudy)
Set the camera for AF-C, continuous hi, and use the AF-on and AE-L a 
lot to hold your focus point. Never use AF-S for sports.
Expose for skin tones and don't worry about blown highlights. 
The key to everything is to focus on the action, a shot with the ball 
in the photo is always great, but don't forget the candids in the 
dugouts, and the high-five celebrations on the field.
My biggest problem is that I want to watch the game, not shoot 
photos, so I have learned to watch the game thru the viewfinder. That 
way I tend to capture more action shots.
Pray for a nice day, and good luck! I am sure you will do fine!

Micky - K1XH
Hartland, VT