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Re: [Nikon D100 D200] Re: Seeking Advice on Sports Shooting (Baseball) Alan Holben Tue Jun 05 18:00:40 2007

I second everything Micky said, especially about shooting behind first base. 
Since most batters are righthanded, you'll get their face from first base side. 
I like to position myself more or less in line with the first baseman and the 
pitcher so that pickoff moves are coming right at me. You can get great action 
of double plays at 2nd from that spot. Third base offers you the face shot of 
the lefthanded batters plus the pickoff from the pitcher's perspective, though 
it's kind of a long shot across the infield with a 200. One of my favorites, 
and a popular shot with my customers, is from behind the batter so you can get 
a head-on shot of the pitcher. I usually fire on full-auto to catch the whole 
motion of the pitcher and then try to isolate on a good shot of just the 
release. With the 18-200 you'll be able to include the batter quite nicely to 
give the shot some extra perspective.
  Just as a side note, I usually talk with the umpires at the HS games I shoot 
to find out what they'll allow. Since the dugouts are considered out-of-play, 
you can usually shoot from them if the coach allows it. That gives you a really 
good spot and also offers some protection! Also, in my area the team can 
designate a "media" area where a photographer can be positioned. All it takes 
is to mark off an area with chalk and notify the umpires that it exists. The 
school where I shoot the most asked me where I wanted it so I was able to place 
it to suit my needs. You may be able to do something similar at your games.
  Good luck,

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