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Re: [Nikon D100 D200] Re: Seeking Advice on Sports Shooting (Baseball) Alan Holben Tue Jun 05 18:01:05 2007

Just a couple of more general things:
  - Pay attention! Once you catch on to certain things you can set yourself up 
to get the shot. For example, in the HS games I shoot, with a runner on first 
only the pitcher will almost always throw to first once or twice before 
pitching and then sort of forget about the runner. That means I can line up the 
shot for the pickoff attempt early in an at-bat then concentrate on the batter 
and/or steal attempt. Also, runners tend to go early in the count, so you can 
set up for the tag at 2nd and then go back to the batter after that.
  - Look for the little routines that seemingly all teams go through. It may 
just be the pitcher and 3rd baseman at the start of an inning or the SS and 2nd 
baseman after the throwdown. There's usually some sort of interaction that 
makes for a great shot. The best advice I got way back in my photojournalism 
classes was if they do it once, they'll do it again!
  - If somebody gets a big hit or makes a nice play, guaranteed they're going 
to have a huge smile on their face afterwards. Catch that and you're the 
mother's new best friend! :-)
  - Don't forget to turn around and get the reaction shots in the dugout or 
  - And, finally, the only time you may get some of the players is during 
warmups. Those parents still want photos and you may be able to isolate the 
player so it looks like an action shot, even if it's just playing catch.
  Here's a good site to check out: http://www.sportsshooter.com/
  That's it!

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