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Re: [Nikon D100 D200] Capture One Lew Fri Jun 29 18:04:06 2007

A discount coupon or a free full blown copy?

Lots of the "names" in the business use the 
product but sometimes you wonder if they are 
being paid for the endorsement.  I read photo 
magazines that have a list of what photographers 
use for cameras, lenses, etc...they also list 
software and I see the product fairly often.

At 08:00 PM 6/26/2007, you wrote:

>I just got some Extreme III cards, one a 4GB and one a 8GB. in the 8GB
>package there was a coupon for Phase One Capture 
>One. Is it a viable program or
>can you do the same things in NX or CS2.
>************************************** See 
>what's free at <http://www.aol.com.>http://www.aol.com.
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Lew Wurdeman
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