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RE: [Nikon D100 D200] Re: "good" 8GB or 12GB compact flash for my D200 Peter Sale Thu Jul 19 18:00:22 2007

Hi T.J.,

No CompactFlash card that I know of, comes with such a warranty, but I get
your point.  So then, what is a "good" make/model of 4GB Compact Flash card.
I shoot panoramas and each pano might require from 15 to 25 uncompressed raw
images. I need a bigger card.

Peter Sale
Santa Monica, CA USA


On Friday, July 13, 2007 4:39 AM, T.J. Shuflin wrote:

Buy the make/model card that has the absolute, 100%, unconditional
guarantee, that will pay you a million dollars if you have a card that:
1) You lose
2) Fails
3) You format accidentally (yes, it happens)
4) Gets stolen along with the camera

That way it won't matter too much what was on the card if you make
your living taking photos, you've got a million dollars! I'd sure
hate to tell a parent that I don't have the images of little Johnny or
Susie from that once-in-a-lifetime event, though.

Quick math - JPEG, Large, Fine average maybe 5megs/image. That's
about 440 on a 4 Gig card that I use. A 12 gig then is over 1300
JPEG, L, F. Shooting uncompressed RAW, would that be about 450 on a
12 Gig from a D200? 

I equate putting ALL my photos from an event on a single card to
having just ONE hard drive with all my photos, and no other backup. 
Using several 2gig or 4gig cards per event makes for a little bit of
effort, and there's still the chance of total loss (theft, loss), but
I like my odds better that way.

My 2cents - the soapbox is available for someone else now...



--- In NikonD100_D200@ <mailto:NikonD100_D200%40yahoogroups.com>
yahoogroups.com, "Peter Sale" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I just learned from my brother that there exist 8GB and 12GB Compact
> cards for my D200. I think he purchased a 12GB card from Costco. I
> use a 2GB Lexar Professional CompactFlash (with Write Acceleration, 80x
> Speed, Wa), and I would like to purchase either an 8GB or even a
12GB card.
> Any make/model recommendations for such a card from the group will be
> appreciated.
> -
> Regards,
> Peter Sale
> Santa Monica, CA USA

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