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[Nikon D100 D200] RE: Blurry/Fuzzy ?????? Webwald Tue Aug 07 12:01:07 2007

> These were taken with the newest  70-300 4.5-5.6 G lens, several 
> pictures were blurry, most were not, it was a cloudy day.  
> If I would have used a 2.8 lens would these pic's have been
> more clear?

If the cars were travelling quite fast, then the fact that some pictures
were a bit blurry (soft) could simply be an indication that the focus
was slightly off. The f/2.8 lens would have had better autofocus, so
your keeper rate might have been a bit better. However, sometimes the
aperture that you were using was quite stopped down, versus the f/5.6
that your lens is capable of at the long end. If you had shot with the
aperture wide open, then the shutter speed would have been a bit higher,
with a greater likelihood of stopping the action and minimising the
effects of camera shake.