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RE: [Nikon_D-SLR] Auto focus problems - David Parrothouse Tue Feb 21 09:00:57 2012


I am wondering what position you have the focus mode switch in? I am also
wondering if you notice it more when the subject is small within the frame
or large within the frame.

Roy Berger

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Subject: [Nikon_D-SLR] Auto focus problems

I'm having focusing problems with my Nikon ED AF VR 80-400 zoom, mounted to
a D200 body, the lens is about 5 years old. It doesn't hold the focus when
shooting action shots, i.e. airplane take offs. As I pan with the subject
the lens starts to refocus and I lose the shot. This has been a problem for
a few years and forced me to shoot on manual. Otherwise it is a sharp lens
and produces great results when in focus. My Nikkor AF 28-105 does not have
this problem. Does anyone else have a similar experience with this lens? Is
there a newer model Nikon lens that does not have this problem? Or do I need
a new body? Any feedback, suggestions, would be appreciated.


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