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[Nikon_D-SLR] Re: What do I do now? Zembas Sat Feb 25 16:00:22 2012

Hi Steve,
Do you WANT to take some pictures?  If so, then take your camera, get some 
great shots of your friends & other guests ... like you do at the karaoke 
place. Then you can drop them all, unedited, on a CD and wrap it in a 
box/wedding paper and that can be your one wedding gift to them.  As a cover 
for the box you could print one 5x7 photo. Priceless gift.
If you just want to socialize, I agree with the others who have said to leave 
the camera at home.

> Last summer I agreed to a verbal contract with an acquaintance. We met at a 
> local hang out and he'd seen my work displayed in various settings. He liked 
> what he saw and talked to me about doing something special for both he and 
> his then girlfriend. I gave him a very very fair price of $200.00 for what 
> would turn out to be most of the day in Seattle. I expected to pay for my 
> lunch or at least argue about it.  I also expected to pay for my ticket to 
> the Seattle aquarium, where he would ask his lady to marry him. He paid for 
> both, and my ferry ticket back home. There was no discussion before or after 
> that the price of the meal,ferry ticket and aquarium fee would be deducted 
> from the original fee of $200.00. 
> I waited a long time before I ever saw a dime from this man . I went through 
> a co worker of his, also an acquaintance to get $150.00. Here's my problem. 
> His lady doesn't know I had to go through someone to get paid for my work. 
> She doesn't know that he stiffed me out of some of the money owed. And they 
> both consider me family. NOT  a family friend, not a friend, not an 
> acquaintance, FAMILY. I saw them out with his brother and sister in law last 
> weekend. They made room for me to sit and enjoy an evening of karaoke with 
> them. I don't act in an uncomfortable manner with them. I have, for the most 
> part, let it go, what he did. But I bring up the issue here for a couple of 
> reasons. 
>  1. He's invited me to their wedding, the wedding invitations will go out 
> this summer.
>  2. Despite hiring a wedding photographer. He has told me I'm welcome to come 
> with my camera to get shots that the primary photographer will surely miss. 
>  What do I do now? 
>  Steve
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