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[Google Wii] Rock Band 2/Guitar Hero peripherals compatibility annaspec Mon May 04 16:00:49 2009

Hi everyone,

New to this group and to Wii ownership :)
When I bought the Wii, I also got RB2 "special edition" (with the
drums and microphone), mostly because I liked the look and feel of the
peripherals better than Guitar Hero.  However, I'd REALLY like to be
able to play Guitar Hero games.  I've gotten mixed messages from
various sources as to whether or not there is any cross-compatibility
between the games.  Has anyone tried?  I'd ideally like to be able to
play GH with my RB peripherals, but I'd buy a GH guitar for GH games
if I could also use it as a second guitar for RB2...Any ideas?

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