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[Papermodels II 40626] Re: OT: THEM TexasTubaMan Wed Oct 28 18:00:04 2009

The original "The Thing" was good,  but Carpenter did a fantastic job
in his remake.  I haven't read the original story it came from, but
i've been told Carpenter actually kept truer to the original story
than the old movie.

On Oct 27, 3:33 am, william perry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Personally, I thought "The Thing" remake was better than the original.
> B
> On 10/26/09 9:05 PM, "cat" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Chris Spitler wrote:
> >> Cool! I love the original film. Is there a remake in the works?
> > I kind of hope not. I have pitched a remake a few times but never got
> > enough interest. The original is such a product of the times, no cell
> > phones or super tech to fight the ants which is why my plan was to
> > basically do a genuine remake set in the time of the original just with
> > updated effects. To set it in the present (which was what all the
> > studios wanted) would cut the heart out of it and make it another
> > disastrous piece of junk, like all the remakes of period films have been
> > so far.
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