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[Papermodels II 46417] Colt 45 Bones Fri Feb 24 18:00:33 2012

Hello All, this is just a little update on my current project, for some
odd reason I seem to have a thing about 1:1 scale weapons right now. If
anyone is wondering about the 73 Winchester I posted some time ago, well
the thing is basically complete but the stock is giving me a huge case
of the heebies. I will attack it again in the future, but this one here
is a beauty. 

>From our friends at www.paper-replika.com it's apparently from some game
or other although I'm just going to build the stock pistol without all
the other stuff that it comes with.
Good instructions in the form of graphics but if anyone is going to try
it there are a couple of things. One is the trigger, it seems both
"sides" of the trigger are not the same and if, like me, you glue the
strip joining both sides together onto one side and then later when dry
glue the other side on then you'll find out it becomes a disaster. Just
check it and trim before gluing. The other thing is during the build of
the top slide...there is a part, No 28, that should be glued to the base
of the slide, part No 27, before all the framework goes on and then the
skin over the frame. Part 28 is shown in the instructions after the
thing is put together and trying to get it in and straight afterwards is

Apart from that it's a pleasure to build and everything is pretty much
spot on fit wise. I checked the dimensions of the real thing and it
seems pretty accurate although I have yet to measure the hole thingy
where the heavy, pointy bit comes out very fast to see if it really
<IS> .45.
I'll post some pics when finished.
Oh yeah, I don't know if anyone has downloaded from Paper-replika lately
but click on the BOTTOM download word from the page and not the
highlighted one, it takes you to some wretched site where you're
supposed to sign up for crap to get the model...nasty !.


Does the name Pavlov ring a bell ????

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