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[Pro. PHP Dev.] Webservice? Jeff Fri Feb 03 11:19:41 2012

It's been far too quiet around here ... so I'll stir up the sleeping

I'm working on a new site that has data which may be 'tapped' by a php
script on another apache server, asp on one of those servers, or maybe
even by an applet running on a desktop machine.

For the request, I don't see any difference as they can all simple
make the request to http://domain.com/webservice/something.php?id=12345

No problem so far.

I want to return the results of a db query which will be an
associative array.  IS an XML stream the most versatile & efficient
response?  I can't think of another way to respond that would be
efficiently interpreted on the client end.

Thanks for whatever good guidance you provide!

Jeff R.

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