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Re: database server not available Johnny Sun Nov 06 15:01:12 2011

Hi Jian,

I was able to resolve the issue, or rather, I trick the system into
getting it to work. In Server Manager, start->Administer Projects-
>Projects, action menu, Show Project Information

Database server:
Database server name:  DBServer123
Machine name:  Server456
Server name:  Server456
Instance name:  ABCD
Database server type:  Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition (64-

Our new database server name is DBServer456 and I created a database
connections with that. The problem is after I assigned my project to
the new database connection and ran Check Database Server, the
Database Server Name in Project Information refuse to change. In the
end, I created a SQL Aliases set the name to my old database server
name, only then it is able to connect to the new database.

Does anyone have idea on how to change the database server name?



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