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Re: How to create a zip file using RedDot CMS Jian Huang Wed Feb 22 08:00:59 2012


I am going to expand on more details, but I think RedDotExpert's
suggestion may still be valid regarding getting extra assistance

Percentage wise, how many pages of the website needs this

More than 90%?  Then I would create a PDF project variant in the
project.  Link in the custom button would have the following code

<a href="zip.aspx?filepath=<%inf_current_page_url_pdf%>">Download Zip</

zip.aspx would be the custom server side solution that zips file
provided via filepath param, return file, and kick off a CRON job to
delete file 15 minutes later for better clean up.

Less than 90%?  Then I would not add any extra project variant, simply
use the following code:

<a href="pdfzip.aspx?filepath=<%inf_current_page_url%>">Download Zip</

pdfzip.aspx would be the custom server side solution that PDFs the
page according to path provided via filepath param, zip, return file,
and kick off a CRON job to delete file 15 minutes later for better
clean up.

PDFCreator has excellent sample code regarding programmatic approach
to converting files to PDF.

7Zip offers programmatic/commandline API for zipping files.
Alternatively, I think windows server natively support zipping file
via commandline too.

If you think this functionality should be made an out of box
functionality?  Please post in http://www.solutionexchange.info/ideas.htm.
If you want more wish for more interaction regarding functionality of
the product, post in http://www.solutionexchange.info/forum.htm.  You
can also submit a feature request ticket to OpenText.

On Feb 22, 10:01 am, RedDotExpert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It sounds like custom functionality.  Since it is urgent, and it seems
> you have already have the requirements, you will need to either write
> it yourself or hire someone.
> On Feb 22, 3:13 am, mohamed farook <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi, I would like to know if there is any script / logic in RedDot CMS
> > to create a Zip file. This zipped file will be having pdf files in it.
> > I will then have a link placed in my page so that when the users click
> > on that, it will download the zip file which would eventually provide
> > them the PDF files in it.
> > Its very urgent. Your responses on this will be very much helpful.
> > Thanks in advance !!

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