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Re: [SCT] Re: Getting into 3rd (was:- Concerned about Claude) Dale Blanchard Mon Nov 27 18:02:18 2006

Robert Fleischer dba Fleischers Service wrote:
> I was going to post my normal 5kb answer, but felt I should be
> gentle and gentile here tonight...
> Actually, there are:
> 1. Air Heads
> 2. Airheads
> 3. airheads
> 4. air heads
> I've heard there may be Aireheads in some Countries.
> Various types may be driven, ridden, denigrated, may be grating at
> times.
> None are the same thing.
> 'bum, sometimes one or the other or two or three even....at the same
> time....
You got me all confused, but I feel better already.
You left something out ,but I can't remember what it was.