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Re: [SCT] Re: What is general opinion of the URAL with sidecars? craiglascruces Mon Feb 26 18:04:22 2007

Hi Gary, 

I currently own a '05 Patrol, I really like the bike, have 10KM on it and it 
runs great.  BUT, it is not fast either, faster than your cozy rig, but not 
fast enough for the freeway.  I can get 63 mph out of it solo, and only 52 with 
passanger and small cargo trailer.   The rig is alot of fun to drive and Laura 
and I have done up to 330 miles on it in a day pulling the trailer....

On the other hand, I have had it in the dunes and over them with all three 
wheels in the air, it goes great in the sand!


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> I see them on ebay and they are priced fairly cheap compared to a 
> harley.
> I currently own a stella scooter with a cozy sidecar, Its ok around 
> town, but not suitable for anything above 45mph.
> I don't have the money for a harley, but the ural is in my price range, 
> and I wanted some opinions on how well it does for trips and handling.
> Gary



A Ural will take you a giant step forward from a Stella and Cozy and
will do everything you want... as long as what you want does not
involve high speed operation on freeways. I have put over 14000 miles
on my 2004 Ural over the past three summers. Any problems I have had
with it can be directly attributed to "pilot error". It has been
reliable and an ABSOLUTE joy to ride.

That being said, I am presently having Claude build me another sidecar
rig based on a BMW K100. I enjoy traveling and going to rallies but I
often do not have the window of time to allow me to take the scenic
route. Sometimes I just have to get on the superslab to get somewhere.
I can't do that with the Ural. Also, sometimes I am part of a group
ride with other bikes - or I would like to be. I get shot down there
as the Ural cannot keep up with the big-bore solo bikes my friends
ride. On the Ural, I would just be an anchor to them. So, I sit there
bummed-out as they ride off into the sunset.

Any Ural owner will tell you the same things I have said above. You
CAN ride a Ural from here to Terra del Fuego reliably and safely. Just
don't attempt to add "quickly" to the formula! Besides, the world is a
hell of a lot more fun at 50 mph than 80 mph!! Two friends of mine
tour the eastern US on their "his and hers" Urals. They just take
their time and enjoy the scenery!

Now, eBay Urals. This really isn't about "eBay Urals" but about all
used Urals. Ural motorcycles, especially the 650's, are very sensitive
to how they are broken in. Do the break-in gently and properly and you
will receive a motorcycle that will take you to the ends of the earth.
"Ride it hard and put it away wet" (an old cavalry saying) during
break-in and you will end up with a useless pile of junk. Again, the
newer 750's are much more lenient than the older 650's in this regard.

Until you really know Urals, I would avoid one you cannot "get to
know" before purchasing. I would also avoid 650's and pre-2003 750's
as a first-time buyer. My only exception to this rule would be if you
could find "the deal of the century" on a 650 that the previous owner
did abuse the motor to the point it is worthless. Pick up the bike for
a song then take IMWA (the Ural importer) up on their deal where they
will sell you a brand new, warranteed, 750 motor and transmission for
under $2500. (I am still looking for an old 90's Sportsman with a
roached motor to do exactly that to.)

Bottom line and the matra of Ural ownership.... Great motorcycles as
long as you realize they are not Hondas.


PS. You can buy a brand new Ural for less than you can buy a sidecar
by itself from Harley Davidson.


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