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RE: [SCT] EZs versus HANNIGAN Storm Shearon Fri Mar 07 00:00:44 2008



Well, I actually own and EZS rig put together by Pete Larson (Honda ST1100
and RX-5 chair). The rig as delivered by Pete has been nearly perfect.
Because it does have car tires on it, it can 'tram' a bit on really rutted
roads - especially freeways. I prefer secondary roads myself. More fun as
they generally have more curves anyway, and less traffic. At least with an
EZS rig, you are not going to be able to remove the chair and ride the bike
as a solo bike. It is a full conversion with purpose built sub-frame, car
wheels and tires and a new front end - either a leading link (this is what I
have) or the tele-fork (frankly less desirable as it is stiffer). The only
real issue I have with the rig is the lack of available tire selections for
it here in the US. Mine has 14 inch rims and came with a 165 70 14 in front
(not available in US but available from Pete Larson) and a 175 65 14 in
front (several manufacturers have this size in the US). Since the rear tire
size and the front tire size are nearly identical, when I replace tires this
summer, I put the same size front and rear (175 65 14). The factory does
have narrower tire choices for some of the rigs now, but not mine the last
time I checked.


If anyone wants more info about what owning an EZS rig has been like, you
can contact me directly at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2007 6:04 AM
Subject: [SCT] EZs versus HANNIGAN


Planning to build a modern rig with a R1150RT or K1200RS as tug.

Very interested in knowing the positive and negatives of the EZS
versus Hannigan rigs.

While appears EZS is more expensive, the benefit of being able to
remove the bike and ride it alone is a big plus from my perspective.

Want a rig that goes down the road straight at the posted speed limit
or above, with little chance of the dreaded wobble or darting to one
side or the other when you get in a groove or his a pothole.

Appreciate all replies.

68 R60/2/Ural Rig


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