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Re: [SCT] Cycle Dynamics Car Robert \(Bob\) Fleischer dba Fleischer's Service Mon May 26 06:01:50 2008

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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 6:30 AM
Subject: [SCT] Cycle Dynamics Car

> Anyone heard of cycle dynamics sidecar. I have never heard of this
> brand and can't find any info about them. I'm looking to put it on
> 1979 gs750. Any info or photos would be appreciated
> Cheers

I think you must be asking about the Cycle Dynamics company that is,
or was, in Waldorf, MD....guys name, I think, was Brian....can't
remember any more....except I THINK that the company was also
involved in HD trikes...

There are a number of company's using the name Cycle Dynamics, in
the USA....one is big time into Dakar type racing, but not
sidecars....another is into providing m/c race parts....
Someone on this LIST must have detailed info on the chair....?