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[SCT] Re: Hard pull left; Fear of Flying? LONG post. logonhell Wed Sep 30 12:00:41 2009

Hard to second guess from a keyboard but here are some ideas you can try on:

1) You may be reverting , unconsciously, to two wheeled habits and reactions. 
You might be trying to countersteer. Try consciously looking where you want to 
go, way down the road, not the pavement right in front of you, and deliberatly 
turning the front wheel that direction.

2) The sidecar wheel may be just off the ground and you don't realize it. This 
will tend to force the rig left. Speed can magnify this. You must steer through 
the turn to overcome this.See above.

3) your front end geometry may be working against you. If you have too much 
trail the rig will be hard to steer. This will be exagerated by speed or tight 

4) you may have alignment issues.

5) maybe it is something else, I don't know :-)