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Re: [SCT] extra fuel takn feed F H Mon Nov 30 15:00:29 2009

> I have a '95 RT/Sputnik rig that I am thinking of putting a fuel 
> tank on under the car between the frame members.  My question is 
> how to get the fuel into the main tank.  I know that I can purchase 
> a small transfer pump, but don't know where or how to pump it into 
> the main tank.  I have thought of putting it into the over flow 
> line from the gas cap area by cutting that and putting in a 'T' to 
> dump the gas into the tank, any overflow would go to the extra tank 
> I guess, would I need to some how stop the fuel from the extra tank 
> from being pumped up into the gas cap area and over flowing onto 
> the tank?  Anyway, ideas would be helpfull.  Craig in NM
Hi Craig,
the ol' jerrycan in the sidecar trick too low tech for you, eh?
Put the tee in the carb feed line. The gas will backflow through the 
gas tap and into the bike tank when the transfer pump is running. 
You will need a tall filler cap or a sealed one to prevent the main fuel 
supply flowing down into the extra tank and out onto the street.
Prevent overfilling the main tank during fuel transfer by making the extra 
tank no larger than the bike tank's main capacity and only switching the
transfer pump on when you run onto reserve.
Fred Hill, S'toon..