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Re: [SCT] Food for Thought F H Tue Jun 22 00:00:21 2010

> Has anyone thought of using a sailplane body, minus the tail, as a 
> body for a sidecar.  They come with a canopy, and even a tandem.  
> Anyways just food for thought, on a boring Monday afternoon.
> turtleman
Hi Turtleman,
yeah, a tandem 2-seater fuselage sawn off to a suitable length
would look great but at the cost of sailplanes? Even wrecked ones?
As well use an antique Sheraton side table as a work bench, eh? 
Mind you, in the late 1940s Swallow (I think it was them) did make
a series of  sidecars out of moulded plywood droptanks from Mosquito
bombers. They had to quit when they ran out of  war surplus droptanks.
Fred Hill, S'toon.