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[SCT] Re: Your best friend [1 Attachment] Doug Morin Tue Feb 21 08:02:07 2012

my buddy Gus is about 90 lbs he's been letting me drive his sidecars for
about 3 years. We've done main street in Daytona for bike week and last
fall ran Deal's gap. Gus has logged about 30k km in his hacks

We had spent a lot of time training him as a puppy before I got the hack,
it took a little to get him to understand he could get in the car but once
he did the sit/stay training made sense to him, he won't get out of the
chair unless I tell him to.

The chair originally had a windscreen but he kept bumping his nose on it, I
got him some Doggles to try, when I put them on he gave me a sour look but
a little way down the road he stuck his head out from around the windscreen
he gave me a look that said these are great! so I took the windscreen off (
we're on our 3 set of doggles they seem to last about a year)

The only other issue we've had is on longer trips Gus would get ear
infections, mostly yeast, in his upwind ear. I found a product developed by
small airplane pilots called Mutt Muffs and used by working dogs, It's
taken him a little longer to warm up to these but they have helped a lot

because of his size I had to remove the passenger seat and replace it with
a pad from Bobby Riddle over on Soviet Steeds that seems to be working out
pretty good

Doug & Gus