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Re: [Supertraining] Decreased performance after carb load Jerry Telle Fri Jan 16 09:00:52 2009

On Jan 15, 2009, at 2:29 PM, Perez, Miguel wrote:

> Has anybody here had a similar experience? Does anybody have any  
> kind of explanation, or theory as to why this might be happening?  
> This has been a huge head-scratcher for me for years

In many cases the loading isn't full swing until 2+ days later -- how  
are your tue and wedn workouts? How about simpler carbs? fruit juices?  
How are your workouts during the 6 low carb days? Do yu just load for  
1 day? Do you ramp up the carbs as the day day goes on? I'm assuming a  
7 day schedule? Food sensitivities, allergies? My primary care doctor  
is allergic to white potatoes.

Jerry Telle
Lakewood CO USA