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[Supertraining] Re: Developing Talent - Facilities? carruthersjam Thu Feb 17 14:01:26 2011

Could you possibly post excerpts of the article as the it appears to have been 

Thanks in advance
Jamie Carruthers
Wakefield, UK

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> Attached is an article regarding the problems associated with talent 
> research. One of the main problems associated with this topic is the actual 
> definition of talent.
> Talent research is clearly multidimensional and I think this commentary 
> exploits one of those dimensions (in Dynamical Systems terminology) of 
> environmental constraints.
> Steve Smith, Ed.D., CSCS, USAW
> Lynchburg College
> Lynchburg, VA
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> Subject: [Supertraining] Developing Talent - Facilities?
> Members may like to add their insights regarding:
> Daniel Coyle wrote:
> Here's a little-appreciated fact about talent hotbeds: their facilities tend 
> to be rundown. Rusty. Makeshift. Overcrowded....
> http://thetalentcode.com/2011/02/09/the-power-of-crumminess/#comments
> So what do the rest of us do? Should we demolish our good facilities and 
> replace them with crowded, tin-roofed structures? Well, not quite. I think 
> it's more useful to look closely at the useful elements from the hotbeds and 
> try to copy them. A few ideas:
> 1. Find ways to mix age groups. Isolation diminishes motivation. Nothing 
> creates effort and intensity like staring at older talent, someone who you 
> want to become. Putting groups together - even in passing, as on the poma 
> lift - injects a burst of motivational electricity.
> 2. Aim to make facilities spartan and simple. Research shows that luxurious 
> surroundings diminish effort - and why not? It's a signal to our unconscious 
> minds that we've got it made - why should we keep taking risks and working 
> hard?
> 3. When given the choice, invest in people over facilities. Teachers are the 
> real engine of the day-by-day learning process that drives any hotbed. The 
> addition of one master teacher creates more talent than a million dollars' 
> worth of bricks and mortar.
> P.S. - Okay, what do you think? What would you do if you received a check for 
> $50,000 tomorrow to help develop talent in your team/school? Please rank the 
> following possibilities from most-effective to least-effective:
> 1. Pay for new facilities/equipment
> 2. Hire the single best teacher/coach you can find
> 3. Bring in a top-notch series of camps/seminars for students and teachers
> 4. Pay existing teachers/coaches more
> ==================
> Any others?
> Jamie Carruthers
> Wakefield, UK
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