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[Supertraining] Re: Handing in the reigns from moderation driscoll_david Fri Feb 03 13:23:55 2012

I'll do my best to take over - hopefully technology can assist me to do a 
better job than last time ;-/

Great job Jamie, Mel would have been proud!

David Driscoll

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "carruthersjam" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After much thought and consideration I have decided to hands the reigns over 
> from moderating Supertraining.  It has been a pleasure *attempting* to 
> moderate the list.  7 years it has been - wow!  It was never the same without 
> the late Dr Mel Siff, but I'm glad ***WE*** gave it our best.  Time to close 
> this chapter for me.  I hope it continues to prosper with the new moderator.
> "Per Ferrum, Ad Astra" as Mel Siff noted:)
> Jamie Carruthers
> Wakefield, UK