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[Supertraining] Re: Should athletes be screened for heart problems? cyclingcoach1 Fri Apr 06 00:00:12 2012

When they get the EKG and it says "abnormal" or "possible" something then they 
will see their primary care who will then refer them to cardiology who will 
inevitably do an echocardiogram and possibly a cardiopulmonary exercise test to 
see if the rhythm abnormality changes or disappears in exercise. 

The primary care will send to cardiology to cover his butt. The cardiologist 
will do enough tests to cover his butt. And finally the parents who hear of a 
"murmur" will push for enough tests for a guarantee of their child's safety 
while pursuing competitive sports.
They will catch some undiagnosed heart issues, but the opportunity cost of this 
is the tricky thing.

Would having a trainer or an extra trainer, or better safety equipment and 
facilities be more beneficial to the health of the team or EKG screening and 
the inevitable follow-ups? Not an easy answer.

FYI-I am an exercise physiologist working for a pediatric cardiology group 
running their cardiopulmonary lab.

Michael Taskey
Kent, WA