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[SurroundSound] How to create a DVD-V from DTS audio files? Marcelo Sat Aug 22 09:00:28 2009

I have a bunch of DTS CDs (ripped to individual songs) that I'd like
to put into a DVD (Video) to play on my home theater and enjoy 5.1

So I'm looking for a simple application that can allow me to author
such DVD from DTS files. The one I've found Audio DVD Creator (http://
www.audio-dvd-creator.com/) doesn't support just adding all the DTS
files, and while it comes with a utility to convert DTS to AC3
(supported by the software), convert such a large number of DTS files
one by one is cumbersome.

If somebody has done this and can share the "recipe" would be great.

Clarification: I do not want to put any Video content on these discs,
just Audio....

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