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[SurroundSound] Re: NAD EARS - decodes quad? flytomars Wed Sep 14 19:01:01 2011

Hi John,
Thanks for your reply!
So which of these surround modes do you recommend as the closest to
the SQ / QS decoders?
I have the following:
Dolby PL
PL II Movie
PL II Music (with some settings like dimension, center width and
NEO:6 Cinema
NEO:6 Music
EARS (So far this one sounds the most natural, with the least fake
reverbs and delays etc)


On 12 ספטמבר, 01:05, John Henry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Answering flytomars' posting -
> No, EARS is not specifically for decoding SQ or QS. It is a very
> subtle process of taking some of the ambient information out of the
> stereo signal and sending it to the surrounds. It may give some
> surround effect from quad as well as Dolby Surround, Circle Surround,
> and other two-channel processes.  The Cantares decoder did a great job
> on quad, but I sold mine some time ago and they are no longer made.
> Dolby ProLogic I or II does similar things, but with more gusto. I use
> ProLogic for all my Ambisonic UHJ discs in lieu of the Cantares, which
> was designed especially for Ambisonic. All of these are superior to
> the fake "hall" effects that many AV receivers and preamps come with.

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